Under Construction

I’m a critical media practitioner/researcher/educator*. I have given myself a little break from extensive storytelling, but here’s a quick run-through of the things I currently dedicate my time to. If you want to know more, do get in touch.

As of May 2020, I will be developing a learning community on the topic of Critical Making & Research Through Design, as senior lecturer at AMFI (the Amsterdam Fashion Institute at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

I was awarded a Comenius Teaching Fellowship (NWO) in that same month, that will allow me to further develop the material archive I’ve been developing as part of my Fabricademy training at Textile Lab Waag, in Amsterdam (more info on the course here).

I work with students on related practices and topics in the interdisciplinary undergraduate semester course Makers Lab: Making as Research at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which I developed with Shirley Niemans, and am now co-teaching with Sam Edens, Micky van Zeijl and others.

I recently published an edited volume titled the Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology:  together with Letizia Chiappini, with support of the Institute of Network Cultures in November 2019.

I am a member of the Amsterdam-based collective Hackers & Designers: an initiative that attempts to break down the barriers between the two fields by enforcing a common vocabulary through education, hacks and collaboration.

And lastly and fondly: I’m involved in a variety of projects with my close colleagues and collaborators (who also work with me on the projects mentioned above!) at my work home: the Visual Methodologies Collective at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. A research group headed by dr. Sabine Niederer, that is dedicated to the study and production of visual materials and formats for applied and collaborative research.

See you around, I’m sure.


*Hard facts about me here.
**The image: a manifesto written and designed by students of the Makers Lab (2018)