ISEA2011 Istanbul: Weird/Wonderful Street Fair

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Making as method for Openness, Flow and Co-creation

Together with my colleagues Emöke Bada, Berit Janssen and Inge Ploum from the Digital Art Lab Project, I presented a workshop at ISEA2011 in Istanbul. With the Weird/Wonderful Fair we want to direct our attention to openness, flow and co-creation. We invite the local residents of Istanbul to explore with us in a mixture of interactive workshop, intervention and collective art piece.

The city as open space classroom for mobile peer-teaching

The Fair attempts to transgress the conference’s boundaries and incorporate the city’s public space, transforming the streets of Istanbul into an open space classroom. Instead of the conventional teacher-student approach which still dominates our educational systems, we propose a mobile peer-teaching format, a more subversive structure where we can use simple DIY projects to facilitate insights. Workshops included: Vibrobert, Electronic Whistle developed by Berit Janssen (see video below) and Invisible Ink.

For more information, see the ISEA website.

Flee immediately! Issue 0


“Non-automated interactivity: faking it as a methodology in digital arts education”, my essay on teaching methods for digitally augmented dance performance for teenagers was recently published in:

Flee immediately! Issue 0, summer 2011. Editors: Renee Carmichael and Timothy Cooper.

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We Are All Transistors

MAIM expo 2010: We Are All Transistors

The end of year expo of the MA Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London where I showed an interactive installation of one of the Movement-Moving Machines projects (see this post).

Watch a video of the expo here

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