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Cross-language Image Analysis on Wikipedia

This research was part of the DMI Summer School project I did in week two: Menstrual Issues Across Language Spacess

What images are shared across language spaces on Wikipedia regarding menstruation?

> what content specific images are/aren’t shared across languages?
> what wikipedia specific images are/aren’t shared across languages?
> what do the images say about the status of the topic ‘menstruation’ on wikipedia across languages?

Astrid Bigoni | Zuzana Karascakova | Emily Stacey | Sarah McMonagle

with a big thanks to:
Federica Bardelli  (designs)| Giulia de Amicis (designs) | Han-Teng Liao (technical and linguistic advice)

Wikipedia Cross-Lingual Image Analysis Tool (DMI)

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Flee immediately! Issue 0


“Non-automated interactivity: faking it as a methodology in digital arts education”, my essay on teaching methods for digitally augmented dance performance for teenagers was recently published in:

Flee immediately! Issue 0, summer 2011. Editors: Renee Carmichael and Timothy Cooper. http://fleeimmediately.co.uk

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Formal Education

= Fabacademy 2015, Fablab de Waag, Amsterdam =

Based on MIT’s “How to Make Almost Anything”, coordinated and taught globally by Neil Gerschenfeld. Local mentor: Alex Schaub, Emma Pareschi and others. Graduated: June 2015

= Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK) =

Master of Arts (MA) in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice, 2009-2010. Graduated with distinction (cum laude)

= University of Amsterdam (NL) =

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media and Cultural Studies, diploma obtained, 2005-2009. Specialization in New Media & Minor in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Arts and Culture. Graduated with distinction (cum laude)

= University of Technology, Sydney (AU) =

Exchange program of 2 semesters at the Faculty of Humanities, 2007-2008. Subjects in Media Arts and Production (new media strand) & cultural theory.