My Friend’s Shark


Kids drawings for inspiration

This is a tiny project for my biggest little friend in the world, who also takes really avant garde pictures and is a progressive DJ at 7 AM in the morning. Landu made an impressive drawing for me and Ismael because he wanted to ask us to design him a remote controlled speedboat. The idea of knowing people who make toys was rather tempting. I thought that using his imagination to create a small plaything was very tempting too.



The original speed boat jet boat design. Sorry buddy, still working on the boat.


Unfortunately for him I ended up being more interested in his sharks than his boat so I took his drawing and turned one of his scary fishies into a real biting monster (sharp teeth and all) or just a really cool clothes peg. If it’s not a little dangerous, it’s just not interesting if you ask me. Mum approved the design. By the time I went back he already forgot about drawing the shark… Ah well.