UN Global Goals Jam

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organize a yearly event called the Social Good Summit, where people from all around the world who contribute to the 17 global goals for sustainable development share their stories and talk about their projects and vision for the future. The Summit is a co-production between UNDP, UN Foundation, 92Y and Mashable.


At the same time, all around the world local events are taking place where universities, agencies and local communities get together to form their vision for the future. UNDP, wants to take the Social Good Summit to the next level, by not only talking about vision and strategy, but also by stimulating people to start creating and designing. To organize this, the UNDP teamed up with MediaLAB Amsterdam to facilitate the process and design methodology.


2016 was be the first year, where besides the main summit and local events, there will also be Global Goals Jams (GGJ). GGJ’s are 2 or 3-day events, where design teams work in short sprints towards tangible results. For the Global Goals Jam in Amsterdam, I facilitated the prototyping stage of the projects together with my team of makers Tamara Pinos, Sander van Vliet, Yvonne Bogers-Kreffer and Ismael Velo. We worked on difficulties women face when returning to the workplace after being a carer for years, mailbox companies (tax evasion), circular economies, fair coffee and waste reduction related to coffee drinking in big companies, and sustainable tourism solutions in Amsterdam.



Design Coaching