Tinkering workshop spring ’14

Frustration! A classic….

Tinkering alternative Olympic Games

Each semester I run tinkering workshops at MediaLAB, where we play a morning with Scratch and Makey Makey. In this pressure cooker style workshop, the students were asked to create playful interactive installations inspired (more or less) by the winter Olympics. This workshop is all make and very little pre-loading of information or ‘me-explain-you-listen’. The group was awesome and went nuts programming their own audio feedback, or even visual interfaces with customised avatars. Costumes were designed and tributes were paid to the olympic rings. Real nice. I was very surprised how the loose theme of Olympics resulted in all kinds of fresh playful games and exercises. In previous tinkering workshops, I’d used prompts to create games too, but somehow the results were not so defined and coherent then. Interesting. Some favourites:

Sven Kramer Ice Skating game

Knights Fight – with awesome costumes

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