Stiho Antwoord

Ageing experts in the construction industry

In the spring semester of 2013, I mentored a project for Stiho: a business-to-business supplier of construction materials. Craftsmanship and knowledge about product and application modes are disappearing rapidly in the Dutch construction industry, ageing being the main reason. Stiho’s question for the student team was: how can these skills and knowledge be preserved and circulated to future generations through digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling meets verbal culture

During the semester they developed an app that helps Stiho position itself as an invaluable knowledge center in the construction industry. Stiho Antwoord is a multimedia mobile instant messaging application that captures spoken word into an organised archive and provides meaningful extracts of the exchanged information in the form of tagged and categorized question-answer clusters. The app captures important information that is informally exchanged among its users that would otherwise get lost at the end of the conversation.

Students: Sabrina Doornekamp, Linda Janssen, Jelmer van Voorst, Aishwarya Babu.

Design Coaching