teenage scifi series: ALPHA

In Winter/Spring I initiated community arts project and peer learning experiment ALPHA; a science-fiction webseries made by 30 teenagers from the city of Zoetermeer and around. The project was sparked by 15 year old Thijmen de Valk, who’s been writing stories all his life and has the ambition to become a film director. He contacted me via Twitter to see if I could help him with his ideas. The setup of the project was to train the teenagers to become completely self-organising. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on voordekunst.nl and dazzling recruitment of talented crew and cast between 9 and 19 years old we started the rocket ride. The team of 30 kids had to learn to work together and develop all sorts of skills like how to…

  • be a scriptwriter (Sebastiaan Smits)
  • be a director (thank you Nikolaj Feifer)
  • be a producer (thank you Anna Spierings)
  • be a cinematographer (thank you Hayo van Gemert)
  • be an editor (thank you Lex Diederik)
  • be a sound(track) designer (thank you Vincent Zaalberg)
  • be a VFX artist (thank you Timothy Kok) and many other things.
  • keep everything and everyone together (Nicolet Sudibyo)

View episode 1 below, all episodes of season 1 will be published May 2014

At the moment, Thijmen is still doing film and sci-fi projects with other young people. He’s a peer teacher at community arts centre CKC where he runs productions from his own company.

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