Robotics P2P

In 20012, I developed a P2P course in Robotics at CKC, with two 13-year old interns. The two peer teachers coach two teams for 8 weeks teaching them and helping them to build and program a robot that can triumph the challenges of a playing field the boys designed. In the last week, the two teams fight each other in the grand finale. This experiment was initiated with the idea to stimulate bottom up programming at the centre for arts and culture.

Cultivating a tightly knit community by giving young people the space and support to realize their ideas has been key in its success. Although this was a big change in mindset on many levels in the organisation, it has proven to been a very fruitful ambition and the principle is now fully embedded and supported at CKC. The contest is still run three times a year in the CKC. In recent years the first peer teachers have even trained their own students to become replace them when they went off to go to university.

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