4-day Digital Dance Theater workshop

The last session of Digitaal Danstheater, a research project on using movement tracking technologies and datavisualization in dance productions, was the Projectweek (also called Ludic Week) at Erasmus College, one of the local high schools. Twelve girls ranging from 12-15 years old chose this workshop to fill their week, that aims to introduce kids to more sports oriented or creative fields, to engage them socially in ways that aren’t traditionally offered in school setting and to stimulate developing personal talents. All girls worked incredibly hard these four days, exploring new dance disciplines (classical, hip hop, salsa, modern), developing their own choreographies and experimenting with interactivity: thinking relationships between the body and the computer.

Two groups each made their own interactive dance piece that they performed at the end of the week. It was a fabulous experiment and a good experience that gave a lot of insight into ways to guide group processes, playing attention spans, and scaleability: the most recent Digital Dance Theater workshop was a 4-hour workshop whereas now participants had 4 x 4 = 16 hours in total to get an introduction to virtual theater and produce their own piece. Having more time is a pure luxury for running this workshop and I liked seeing that kids got the opportunity to get thoroughly engaged working towards their own end project over the course of the week.

In collaboration with: Timothy Kok & Nicolet Sudibyo. Zoetermeer (NL), May 2011

Dance, Data, Digital Art Lab, high school