VibroBert: Make-Do Robots

Make-do robots: what you can do with stuff

I developed this bug version of the well-known vibrobot for a street event in Zoetermeer. The starting point was to create a little electronic object made of readily available materials, preferably recycled, that is easy to put together for kids so they can teach it to others and make it themselves (from stuff they can actually get their hands on).



Making vibrobots is perfect for this! Many people around the globe make tons of similar bots, and they’re great and all very different. This one looks like a bug and I called him Bert, he even sounds like a bug.

Making as a street activity 

Bert is made of paperclips, clothes pegs, AA batteries, a miniature motor, a screw (or preferably a wire connector, turned out to be safer), two wires and electrical tape. It was tested in Zoetermeer as one of three street workshops before it was presented ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Arts) in Istanbul this fall. Emöke Bada, Inge Ploum, Berit Janssen, Kristina Andersen and I worked on various make & play events for the workshop we ran in Istanbul. Download the manual here (Dutch for now). Here’s an impression of this and other street workshops.

Vibrobert was shown at ISEA Istanbul 2011 as part of the workshop Weird/Wonderful Street Fair and was nominated for Bacarobo 2011. Zoetermeer (NL), May 2011


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