Undercover Fox

Undercover Fox is a social experiment and community arts project in urban space, in the form of a synchronized audiowalk through Zoetermeer. As temporary special agents, the individual ‘players’ receive instructions through their headphones and experience the city centre as the location for a strange mission. Slowly they will realize that they might not be acting so much as an individual, but as a collective of individuals. Agents start out undercover but slowly start doing strange actions involving the shopping public passing by on a seemingly normal friday evening. Who’s in control of our actions?


Undercover Fox is co-production of Digital Art Lab and  Storytellers.

Credits: Sven Ruggenberg, Sebastiaan Smits, Jessica Fuchs, Ingrid Rekers, Vincent Zaalberg, Loes Bogers.


concept development, Digital Art Lab, Psychogeography, urban